Everett Mountain Rescue Unit (EMRU) is a rescue organization that is almost 60 years old. It predates the creation of search and rescue in Snohomish County and is in fact one of the seminal rescue organizations from which the national Mountain Rescue Association ultimately arose. We were formed in 1954 and incorporated as a not for profit organization in 1960. We are located in Snohomish County, Washington and closely coordinated with Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SCVSAR). SCVSAR is an organization providing general search and rescue services under the purview of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. Our service area is primarily Snohomish County, which is north of King County (Seattle), south of Skagit County, and between Puget Sound and the Cascade mountain crest. We provide mutual aid to all counties in Washington when requested.

Formed in 1954 when a group of Mountaineers hastily organized a rescue effort to reach a group of friends stranded on Mt. Stickney in inclement weather, EMRU is an organization of like minded individuals that are dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. In addition to providing rescue services in rugged mountain terrain, we support urban and county wide searches.

Our commitment to saving the lives of those in need is no small matter or trivial undertaking. While serving under the aegis of Everett Mountain Rescue Unit, the impacts of our actions are far reaching. Extending far beyond those individuals we labor to rescue, seemingly always late at night and always in the wind, the rain or snow. Our efforts touch the lives of friends, loved ones and families in far greater numbers than could be imagined.

We do not charge for our services and solely rely on donations to help purchase equipment such as rescue vehicles, ropes, slings, carabiners, litters and other hardware and equipment. United Way participants can direct their tax-deductible contributions to us. Thanks for your support!